SoloQuest School

SoloQuest School offers more than 130 courses in grades 6-12 that may be customized to meet unique student goals. SoloQuest offers acceleration to college, credit recovery, community/work experience, and personalized programs so each student meets individual learning goals for college, career and life. SoloQuest Learning Centers support diverse students with diverse needs through 1-1 instruction, advising for parents, connections with mentors, and training for professionals. 

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  • 1-1 Instruction and Flexibility

    Students meet 1-1 with teachers while college advisers coach students through personal preparation to meet college and career goals.

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  • Student Support

    Students struggling or bored in a traditional school benefit from 1-1 support to develop academic skills, to explore career paths, and to engage in learning with purpose while doing good work.

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  • Part-Time, Dual and Summer Enrollment

    Programs are customized for students to take control of their learning, to accelerate into college, to retake a course for make-up credits or to build the instructional program of their dreams.

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  • Full-Time Enrollment

    Students self-title and design an educational program to meet their goals. Students meet 1-1, online with teachers to accomplish their goals, so students may work, travel, and learn outside the box of traditional schooling.

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1-1 Attention to Learn!

Students at SoloQuest set and achieve individual learning goals for career, higher education, and the greater purposes in life. Students are diverse, so graduates are diverse. SoloQuest provides customized educational programs, designed so that each student achieves individual learning goals. Popular programs include World Language Programs, Neurodiverse Specialized Adaptations, Acceleration to College, and Student Projects with a Purpose.

Each student meets 1-1 with the teacher in a self-paced program, so the teacher's attention is focused on meeting individual needs and goals. SoloQuest allows students to achieve their dreams in athletics, performing arts, community projects, world travel, and career apprenticeship through customized educational programs. 

Student success for more than 25 years!

SoloQuest customizes programs with courses that qualify students for the University of California, along with most other colleges in the U.S.A. SoloQuest High School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). SoloQuest is headquartered in California while many students log into 1-1 meetings and complete coursework from around the world. 

  • "Our son was struggling with learning disabilities at the local high school. He felt ashamed, hopeless, and depressed. The High School was not willing to do the testing he needed, nor did they help him with his learning issues. We took him to SoloQuest for tutoring and they quickly recognized his struggle and told us about their Learning Center for cognitive training."


  • "We see many improvements in focus, attention, follow through on tasks, and stamina in exercise, etc. The learning and attention challenges she was experiencing affected all areas of her life, not just school, and by addressing and correcting the root cause it has had a positive impact on all areas of life. So grateful we brought her here!"


  • "We pulled him out of the high school, enrolled him in SoloQuest High School where he gets individualized teaching, tutoring, and cognitive training. He is like a new kid! He believes in himself for the first time, his anxiety and depression have improved greatly, and he is learning."