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In these uncertain times  the one-to-one instruction and flexibility SoloQuest offers may be an important option for you. Our teachers are working virtually from home and seeing a few students in-person.

As our centers reopen we are ensuring everyone, students and staff, is safe by following all local and state guidelines. The fall will most likely present further challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and SoloQuest plans to continue offering personalized instruction without interruption throughout these challenging times.

Start at any time as SoloQuest School has an open enrollment policy. SoloQuest provides your student the time and support he or she needs to learn.

One-to-one instruction at SoloQuest provides flexibility and meets individual student needs through skill-building, academic tutoring and customized support. Your student will succeed!

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SoloQuest Learning Center is available to support students enrolled 

in the SoloQuest School or in any other school. 


SoloQuest Private School

SoloQuest is a private school for middle school and high school students who learn through individualized and small group instruction.

SoloQuest Learning Center

Help your student gain confidence and thrive! Customized cognitive skills training and academic tutoring are available in the Learning Center.

About SoloQuest

At SoloQuest School and Learning Center, we do things differently. We encourage individuality and tailor learning to the student's needs.
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