Private High School and Middle School

For the past 23 years, SoloQuest School and Learning Center has operated as an independent school, serving Sonoma students in grades K-12. We have also been offering services in Marin for more than a decade. 

One-to-one tutoring and homework help is available for students of all ages. Children in grades 6-12 can enroll as full-time students and complete all their coursework at SoloQuest.

SoloQuest High School

The high school curriculum at SoloQuest is approved for college preparatory, honors, Advanced Placement and some online courses through the University of California. Courses are also approved by NCAA for student athletes. Many graduates of our full-time program are accepted to and attend both community and four-year colleges.

SoloQuest High School offers enrollment to all types of students. One to one instruction benefits students at all levels and abilities. 

Students from other high schools may enroll as part-time students. In this case, the majority of academic courses are taken in their home schools, however, these students may take one or more courses, usually in physical education, math, or a foreign language.

SoloQuest Middle School

For families that don't want to homeschool, but feel their student would benefit from individualized attention and small group learning, SoloQuest Middle School is a good alternative.

With 1 to 1 instruction and following the philosophy of mastery learning, all students at SoloQuest Middle School and High School are given the opportunity to succeed. Students flourish because they have the time and support they need to learn.

Another component is ESP, our educational support program, where our Marin and Sonoma students get homework assistance and complete their assignments.