A Student-Centered Private High School


An accredited private high school, SoloQuest offers a flexible, alternative path for full-time students to earn a diploma. At either our Sonoma or Marin County location, we can provide your student with a customized learning plan that will make the difference in his or her academic achievements. 

SoloQuest has created a part-time option so students attending another school can take an extra class or get 1 to 1 help in a challenging subject. 

Graduation requirements exceed those of the state and some local districts. A full range of courses are offered: modified, College Prep, online Honors and Advanced Placement.

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Who are our full-time students?
When students take all their courses 1-to-1 at SoloQuest, they are considered full-time students. Here's who enrolls at SoloQuest:

  • Gifted students desiring accelerated courses
  • Students who are overwhelmed in large high schools
  • Aspiring athletes, artists, and performers who need flexible scheduling
  • Students who do best when learning through their own style and pace
  • Students who desire a personalized educational setting

Upon completing the SoloQuest graduation requirements, students earn a SoloQuest High School diploma and are eligible to attend a graduation ceremony.

SoloQuest graduates have been accepted at both UC and CSU state universities and numerous private colleges throughout the United States.

Part-time Students
When student are enrolled full time at another high school, but also enroll at SoloQuest in a course(s), they are considered part-time students.

Students choose this option when they need:

  •      An individualized approach to learning
  •      To take a course not offered at their school
  •      Need to repeat a course for a better grade

Physical Education
Some schools allow students to complete their physical education requirements outside of their school day, thus allowing them to take more academic classes. Students do not have to be enrolled as full-time SoloQuest students to enroll in PE. Part-time students are welcome to enroll.

The SoloQuest physical education courses of study are PE 9A, 9B, 10A, and 10B.

The curriculum meets the recommendations for the California State Physical Education Framework, and aligns with the national standards of NASPE (physical education), NDA ( dance) and AAHE (health).

School Tours
Please call with your questions or to schedule a visit to our private high school.

Sonoma:  707-939-1133

Marin:  415-927-1449