Cognitive Development & Academic Achievement


Learning Center

As a full or part-time SoloQuest student (grades 6-12) enrolled in courses, your child can get additional support through Academic Tutoring in academic subjects listed below.

For K-12 students not enrolled in SoloQuest courses, we offer one to one Cognitive Training to improve brain function and build learning skills. Talk to us about your student's particular challenges and we'll design a personalized success plan that takes advantage of Academic Tutoring and/or Cognitive Training.

Academic Tutoring

Your student can boost his or her success by receiving academic tutoring in one or more of these subjects:

  • Math
  • English
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Geography
  • Test Preparation
  • Study Skills
  • Foreign Language
Follow this link to find out more about our one-to-one academic tutoring program.

Cognitive Training

At SoloQuest, we've created a cognitive training program that improves brain function:

  • Solve learning challenges with  research-based techniques
  • Build critical underlying learning skills that support academic and life goals
  • Increase memory, attention, and reasoning
  • Experience academic success


"Thank you so much for the meeting to discuss our daughter and her progress at SoloQuest.  I can’t express to you enough how transformational the tutoring at SoloQuest has been for her reading success. It’s exceptional, and I have told many people about her success with your program." - Parent

cognitive tutoring