1-1 Attention to Learn!

Students at SoloQuest set and achieve individual learning goals for career, higher education, and the greater purposes in life. Students are diverse, so graduates are diverse. SoloQuest provides customized educational programs, designed so that each student achieves individual learning goals. Popular programs include World Language Programs, Neurodiverse Specialized Adaptations, Acceleration to College, and Student Projects with a Purpose.

Each student meets 1-1 with the teacher in a self-paced program, so the teacher's attention is focused on meeting individual needs and goals. SoloQuest allows students to achieve their dreams in athletics, performing arts, community projects, world travel, and career apprenticeship through customized educational programs. 

Student success for more than 25 years!

SoloQuest customizes programs with courses that qualify students for the University of California, along with most other colleges in the U.S.A. SoloQuest High School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). SoloQuest is headquartered in California while many students log into 1-1 meetings and complete coursework from around the world.