Parent Testimonials 

"We took our son to SoloQuest for tutoring when he was struggling to learn in school. SoloQuest not only helped him to learn, but they recognized his learning style and helped get to the root of the cause of his challenges by addressing his conitive needs in their learning center. It changed his life, thus, changed all of our lives. SoloQuest showed our son he can learn and helped him to discover  his strengths. The public schools only frustrated him and showed his his weaknesses. If your child is needing a supportive environment with highly skilled teachers, don't wait any longer. Their customized approach really helps get students on the right track." 

- Heather M., Sonoma parent

"SoloQuest has been an awesome fit for my daughter. She has always struggled with math and as soon as she came to SoloQuest and worked with John she had a complete turn around. Whitney struggled with math at Redwood because the pace was extremely fast and the teachers didn't have time to accommodate every student. When Whitney went to John her whole perspective on math and problem solving changed for the better. He has helped her to see and solve problems in different ways that are better for Whitney to understand. He works at a pace that is comfortable for Whitney and has made her have an appreciation for math that she has never had before. She is always telling me what a excellent teacher John is. We are beyond grateful for the help that SoloQuest has provided for her and highly recommend SoloQuest for any student wanting to improve their academic performance."

- Lee J. 

"SoloQuest has been a great experience for our son in one of his more challenging math classes.  Deborah works with him at a pace that allows him to have the time to understand the material and most importantly work through the difficult areas that he needs the time to ask questions.  Where large classrooms might leave students behind on fundamental “building block” material,  SoloQuest allows students to gain the understanding they need for a solid foundation.  We would recommend the school to anyone with a student needing a little help or having needs in all subjects.  Our son is learning much more and enjoying it with SoloQuest."

- Stewart S. 

"SoloQuest School and Learning Center developed a great learning plan for our son who could no longer attend Public School.  They worked with his individual needs and challenges to guide him.  He was given excellent support academically and always encouraged to reach his potential. There are many online learning options but for us, the one on one teaching that SoloQuest offers was invaluable for our situation."

- Judy B.