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Why DO Some Smart Kids Struggle With School?

It just doesn't make sense. How can a student with an average or even above-average IQ find school difficult? Parents may decide that their child isn't as bright as they thought. Sometimes parents decide that their student is just lazy. But in most cases, neither of those things is true!

Do you feel the frustration when your bright student struggles?

You are not alone! SoloQuest Learning Center cognitive training program can help!

Call SoloQuest today at 707-939-1133 and arrange a meeting 

with Deborah Stewart, Director, and we will fully explore the struggle some students (and their families) go through.  

  • We want to hear "what it's like at your house".

  • We'll share with you the "hidden" skills that can cause bright students to struggle in school.
  • We'll talk about the "parents' journey" as they move from "I don't think he's very smart" to "I think he's just lazy" and finally, to "Something here just doesn't add up!"
  • We'll show you a chart that groups learning skills into an easy to understand system. 

  • We'll talk about why traditional tutoring doesn't work.

  • We'll share what the school's role is in solving learning problems. 

  • Finally, we'll look at how these challenges can be solved so that the worry and frustration can end for you.