Frequently Asked Questions

What is SoloQuest?

SoloQuest is an educational center that consists of the open-entry private WASC-accredited SoloQuest School that serves grades 6-12; the Learning Center that offers cognitive assessment and training for not only full-time SoloQuest students, but for any student of any age; and SoloQuest Tutoring Services that offers educational support, test preparation for school courses, and ACT/SAT/GED test prep.

SoloQuest School

SoloQuest School enrolls students who need an individualized learning plan and flexible schedule.  The curriculum consists of UC 'a-g' and NCAA-approved courses.  Offering a full-time alternative to students and their families in the community, SoloQuest School also offers enrollment courses to part-time students who attend other public or private schools.  Courses of study are individualized to the student, schedules are flexible, and the teaching is one-to-one or in small groups.

What types of programs does SoloQuest School offer?

Middle School

High School

Summer school

Full Time and Part Time

What subjects does SoloQuest offer?

/home/soloquest/SoloQuest%20Course%20List%202020-21.pdf SoloQuest Course List 2020-21.pdf     

How does a student take a course at SoloQuest while enrolled in high school?

First, we recommend that you speak with your school counselor and get the course approved by your school.  Whether you are in Marin or Sonoma, this pre-approval insures that the credit you earn for your SoloQuest course will be put on your school's transcript.  This step is especially important if the course is meant to fulfill a high school graduation requirement.  If you are taking the course to qualify for college admission rather than for high school credit, let us know and we can send your transcript directly to colleges.

Contact SoloQuest for an enrollment agreement for the course you would like to take.  Once you complete the paperwork and return it to us with payment, we will schedule your weekly sessions at a time that works for you and your teacher.

Can I take Honors and AP classes at SoloQuest?

Yes!  SoloQuest offers Honors and AP classes online, enhanced by a teacher-support component. Our classes include: 

UC Scout online courses
AP Calculus BC
AP Computer Science A
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism  
AP Physics C: Mechanics

Apex online courses
AP Calculus AB
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Government and Politics United States
AP Language and Composition
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language and Culture
AP Statistics
AP United States History

SoloQuest also offers Honors Advanced Algebra and Honors PreCalculus as one-to-one courses with a teacher (not online.)

Call SoloQuest for the current course fees for in-class, one-to-one and small group courses.

Does SoloQuest offer lab science courses?

Yes! SoloQuest offers lab science courses, including Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Integrated Science, and Physics.  Wet labs are done at our sites for the online courses taken through Apex and UC Scout.

Does SoloQuest offer online courses?

Yes! SoloQuest UC/CSU 'a-g" Course List   Type in SoloQuest Learning Center and the course list can be found. 

If I graduate from SoloQuest, will I be able to attend a 4-year college or university?

Yes! SoloQuest courses are UC-approved and the school is WASC- accredited.  SoloQuest graduates have been accepted at colleges across California and the nation, including:

Arizona State University Santa Clara University
Augsburg College  UC, Berkeley                             
Carnegie Mellon UC, San Diego
Colorado State University UC, Santa Barbara
CSU, Chico UC, Santa Cruz
CSU, San Diego University of British Columbia    
CSU, San Francisco University of Oregon
CSU, Sonoma University of San Diego
Parsons School of Design University of San Francisco                
Prescott College  

If I failed or received a "D" in a course in my high school and I repeat it at SoloQuest, will I be eligible to apply to colleges such as CSU and UC?

Yes!  Although the course you failed or passed with a "D" will not be removed from your transcript, retaking it and earning a grade of "C" or better will make you eligible to apply to a four-year college.  Check with your high school regarding how the repeated course will affect your GPA.

Learning Center

What is the Learning Center?

The Learning Center offers a unique opportunity for struggling students of all ages with cognitive processing skills training programs.  Cognitive skills are necessary to learn and include memory, attention, logic & reasoning, and phonemic awareness skills.  

These brain skills must be in place before students are able to perform well academically.  SoloQuest middle and high school students can attend regular school at SoloQuest while simultaneously benefiting from our Learning Center programs the same school day.

What are Cognitive Processing skills?

Cognitive processing skills enable us to understand, interpret and apply information.  They provide the foundation for learning school subjects.  Underdeveloped cognitive skills hinder the way a student processes information and learns.  

We provide cognitive skills training to help raise a student's learning potential which can lead to gains in intelligence and self-esteem.  These skills translate to the ability to learn and perform well in school.

What services are available for Special Education students?

SoloQuest has teachers on staff with training and experience in working with Special Education students.  We use the one-to-one instructional model to accommodate your student's different learning needs and to identify and focus on special needs.

Tutoring Services

What other services does SoloQuest offer?  

In addition to one-to-one instruction and private school services for full and part-time independent study students, SoloQuest offers one-to-one academic tutoring for students in grades 1-12, and group tutoring in our after school ESP-PM program.  Our tutors can provide educational support, test preparation for school courses, and study and organizational skills.

Does SoloQuest offer ACT/SAT/GED test preparation?

Yes! SoloQuest offers SAT/ACT/GED 

 in a one-to-one format.  Students will learn the test-specific strategies to maximize their scores.

Staff background and qualifications:

The SoloQuest teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced.  All teachers hold teaching credentials and/or college degrees in the subject areas they teach.