Homework Help in Education Support Program (ESP)

When homework becomes a source of contention between parents and students, it's uncomfortable and unproductive. 

At SoloQuest, we can take off the pressure with homework in our after school ESP-PM program.

Since the bulk of weekly assignments are completed independently, we offer support so students can accomplish their work at school. 

Students struggling in subjects such as math and science can get extra help.

In ESP, students study in a quiet, supervised, and structured environment. 

Teachers will work with your child to help him or her develop realistic time management skills and daily work goals.

This innovative student support program is integral to our students' academic success.

Cognitive Training and Academic Tutoring

If your child needs ongoing, intensive assistance with a subject, or cognitive retraining to overcome learning disabilities, you will want to know about our optional Learning Center services.

Our priority is helping your student succeed.

Academic tutoring offers one-to-one teaching and study support.

Cognitive training creates a strong foundation for progress in academic and life skills by retraining the brain.

Students with learning difficulties, including dyslexia, processing, and attention disorders, actually improve and thrive.

Contact SoloQuest today and speak with us about your student's needs.

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