Environmental Science Program

SoloQuest is offering an Environmental Science Program for high school juniors and seniors who want to learn about environmental issues!

SoloQuest offers fun, yet rigorous instruction:iStock_613526562_CMYK_Muir_Woods___Beth__Small_.jpg
  • Weekly Earth Education field trips to supplement classroom labs and instruction
  • Real-world learning along with UC and NCAA approved courses
  • Small group & one-on-one instruction
  • Full-time enrollment that still allows the flexibility for a schedule of extra-curricular activities such as club sports, world language, music, etc.

SoloQuest and Earth Education Partnership 

SoloQuest has offered courses to Sonoma and Marin high school students for 23 years.  Now, in partnership with Earth Educators, juniors and seniors of Marin County can participate in the Environmental Education Program. 
Students Enrolled in the Environmental Science Program will: 
  • Take Environmental Studies, satisfying a UC college-prep “d” science requirement 
  • Take other needed college-prep courses through small group and 1:1 instruction 
  • Participate in weekly Earth Education on Thursdays 
  • Participate in weekly Community Experience activities on Tuesdays

A Closer Look at the Environmental Science Course 

The course is designed to give students necessary information and critical thinking skills to make informed decisions on environmental issues. It provides integration of fundamental science with present-day environmental issues. The course incorporates labs, teamwork, outdoor trips, and presentation opportunities. 
Issues covered include: 
  • Impacts of human population increase 
  • Ecosystems and global climate 
  • Water supply 
  • Pollution and waste management 
  • Sustainable practices

Earth Education 

Highly trained teachers and specialists engage and guide students in real-life problem solving by using essential questions to spark curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Earth Education positively affects both academic and social-emotional development. Connection to nature reduces mental fatigue and enhances critical thinking, creativity and collaborative teamwork. 

Community Experience 

Community Experience is required of all full-time students at SoloQuest. The purpose is to engage students in their community, give them real-world experience that translates to employability and integrate their experience with academic achievement. 

Students are assisted in finding placement at a business or non-profit of their interest in both the Community Service and Internship semesters.

Academic Assignments 

For each semester of Community Experience, students earn 5 elective credits. In addition to 50 hours of service students must complete: 
  • Journal writing 
  • Interview 
  • Organizational budget 
  • Business profile 
  • Field site investigation paper 
  • Oral presentation

Fall Semester Community Service / Spring Semester Internship 

Community Service and Spring Internship are completed on Tuesdays of each week. Students will: 
  • Perform 50 hours of service 
  • Perform tasks that benefit the organization and give students the added benefit of career exploration

The Environmental Program — Academics and More! 

The Environmental Program is a science-themed program that incorporates courses required by  colleges, while providing students with real-world experiences in a fun, individualized setting.

Courses Offered 
a. US History / American Government & Economics 
b. English 11 & 12 c. Math — all levels 
d. Environmental Studies —    Science 
e. World Languages —  Spanish or French 
f.  College-prep Electives —  Art

• Earth Education field trips 
• 1:1 and small group instruction 
• Community involvement

SoloQuest School and Learning Center 

For 23 years SoloQuest has offered 1:1 full-time enrollment for students in both Marin and Sonoma counties. Now, together with Earth Educators, SoloQuest is offering this experiential education program focusing on Environmental Science and community involvement. 


SoloQuest is fully accredited by WASC, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Director Deborah Stewart 

Deborah Stewart’s educational leadership includes roles as Principal of Tamiscal High School and the Director of Adult and Community Education, both  in the Tamalpais Union High School District; and Principal of the Sonoma Valley Adult School. She is passionate about offering alternative educational options for families and students.

Tuition, Fees, and Enrollment 

The tuition and fees for the Environmental Science Program are listed on the enclosed insert. 

Call to enroll today or ask about the program:

“We are very grateful for the opportunity that SoloQuest has presented, for the enormous personal support, and for the above-and beyond-the-call support of our son’s teachers. SoloQuest fills a unique important niche. We are very satisfied customers and will gladly attest to that whenever and wherever needed.” 
~Kevin B., SoloQuest Parent