Cognitive Training and Skill Building

Is your smart kid struggling in school?

The most common reason children struggle academically is weak or inconsistent information processing and cognitive skills

These underlying cognitive/brain processing skills are the foundation for learning, enabling us to understand, interpret, and apply information. 

Underdeveloped cognitive skills hinder the way a student processes information and learns. 

Students may get "stuck" and no amount of academic tutoring can fix this issue because it doesn't address the source of the difficulties.

Improving cognitive skills helps raise a student's learning potential. This leads to gains in intelligence, self-esteem and the ability to perform well in school and in life.

We can help with your child's learning disabilities, including:

  • ADD and ADHD
  • auditory and visual processing difficulties
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • dyslexia
  • reading problems

Why doesn't academic tutoring solve the learning issues?

In order for someone to be a good learner, an entire continuum of learning skills must be in place and working efficiently. The ability to read, write, spell, understand  and pay attention are all dependent on a series of underlying skills. 

These skills begin at the neuro-developmental level when children are born and continue all the way up to academic skills.

Academic tutoring helps students to adapt and compensate.  While it can be helpful and supportive to a struggling student and family, this tutoring doesn't typically solve the problem. 

It only addresses academic skills and content and not brain-processing skills. Intelligent children often compensate and hide their learning challenges until they "hit a wall." 

These students remain dependent on an academic tutor and appear less capable than they have the potential to be.  It does not have to be this way!

SoloQuest cognitive trainers use techniques that address the real cause of learning deficits at the underlying level.

How do we solve the learning challenges?

Research on the plasticity of the brain over the past 20 years has concluded that these learning issues can be changed -- permanently. 

So-called learning disabilities can be corrected with our 1-to-1 Learning Center techniques. We use "brain training" to help your child build the foundation necessary to become "unstuck" and enable your child to overcome some of his or her challenges.

With our specialized training, the brain can learn to think and process  information in more effective ways. Students don't have to go through school and life "crippled" by their learning challenges.

Cognitive Training provides a REAL solution!

By using specially developed exercises and programs, SoloQuest can help students actually form new neuro-pathways. They develop new, essential skills and bolster existing ones. 

Our cognitive trainers help strengthen abilities on the learning skills continuum, without drugs. We believe every child deserves to feel confident and achieve success in academics. 

For more Learning Center information, please call or email us to make an appointment with Deborah Stewart, Director to discuss a customized program that gives your student every chance to triumph!

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