1-to-1 Academic Tutoring

Give your student the personal attention that 1-to-1 tutoring brings and can mean the difference between frustration and academic success. At our Sonoma or Marin locations, our qualified tutors provide homework help and assist with study strategies and time management skills.

Our tutors are experts at motivating students and creating an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity. 

Your child will develop confidence and gain the tools to be more productive in the classroom. 

From critical thinking and problem analysis to organizing and communicating ideas, your child will come away with skills that will become life-long assets.

We tutor all ages and all subjects including ACT/SAT/PSAT/GED. Call 707-939-1133 to arrange sessions.

Overcoming Learning Disabilities
When subject tutoring isn't enough, we can help your student overcome learning disabilities and develop good study habits. 

Learn about SoloQuest's cognitive skills training.