Academic Success at SoloQuest


How Students Succeed
Mastery learning is the key to our program. Students are given enough time and support to learn a subject well. They also receive training in other study skills such as note-taking, to help ensure their success. 

If a student earns less than 70% on any course assessment, he or she will get one to one instruction to relearn the material and be re-assessed.

A master teacher is assigned to each student to monitor the student’s progress and immediately steps in when motivation, encouragement, tutorial sessions or extra support is needed.

Curriculum & Instruction
SoloQuest Learning Center School works hard to surpass the academic guidelines established by the California Department of Education. We provide a challenging and engaging curriculum for our students.

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Accreditation and Transfer of Credit
As a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited school, courses your student takes at SoloQuest School and Learning Center are recognized by the majority of public and private schools.