Students Thrive at SoloQuest!

Most traditional classroom-based schools expect students to learn in the same way and at the same pace. Brain research tells us that no two brains are alike. No wonder some students aren't excelling in traditional classroom settings.

At SoloQuest School and Learning Center, we do things differently. We encourage individuality and tailor learning to the student's needs. We also have tools to work with students to fix some of their underlying learning problems, the ones that interfere with learning success.

Personalized, Independent Learning for Success

SoloQuest Middle School and High School uses an educational model of Personalized Learning that  blends a rigorous curriculum with 1 to 1 instruction.

Students succeed in learning because they are given the time and support to learn, while their needs and interests are also taken into account.

This method of education engages students in their own learning process and, as studies show, when students are engaged, they excel.

Opportunities for Students with Learning Challenges

Likewise, SoloQuest's Learning Center goes beyond the current paradigm of accommodating students' learning deficiencies. Instead, we help your child excel through programs that re-train the brain and improve cognitive learning skills.

We also offer:

We welcome your questions about our alternative school and programs in Marin and Sonoma. 

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