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Sharon Begovich   
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Summary: Sharon has a BA in Philosophy from UCLA and an MA in Conscious Evolution from The Graduate Institute. She started her teaching career here at SoloQuest in 2008, relocated for a time to San Jose, and rejoined us in 2015. Sharon's areas of expertise are English, History and Social Studies, with a special love of Literature. She enjoys working with students of all ages but particularly resonates with high school students. Sharon loves the 1 to 1 format here at SoloQuest which allows her to work with students in depth, both to improve their writing skills and also to tease out what they think and feel about what they read. She also leads our Passage class. This year she is focusing on moral and ethical dilemmas. Each week the class explores one or two "dilemmas" which grow increasingly complex as the semester advances. Sharon is thrilled to be back at SoloQuest and looks forward to working with your son or daughter.