SoloQuest Mission

At SoloQuest, our mission is to provide students with a customized educational program, delivered by 1 to 1 instruction.

 We have found that by combining it with positive support, we can prepare students academically and personally to experience success in post-secondary careers and educational pursuits.


The SoloQuest staff upholds the belief that all students can acquire the necessary learning habits and attitudes to be successful learners when given:

  • educational programs tailored to their individual learning styles and interest
  • necessary time for their individual learning needs
  • the responsibility of being an active participant in the learning process
  • the opportunity to learn 1 to 1 as an alternative to traditional classroom instruction.

The SoloQuest staff believes in:

  • treating each individual student with respect and sensitivity
  • being flexible with students in order to help them become successful learners with positive images of themselves.

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