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Deborah Stewart
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Deborah Stewart, Executive Director, B.A., University of Michigan, and M. A. Educational Administration, SSU, is a veteran educator with over 35 years of experience. As a teacher and administrator in both private and public secondary schools, Deborah worked with many students who were not excelling in their schools due to either psychological interference or learning skill deficits that affected their learning processes. The schools, despite having dedicated teachers, were unable to really help these students beyond the usual accommodations of granting more time and flexibility for assignments. Deborah was instrumental in starting The Marin School and Tamiscal High School in Marin County before she founded SoloQuest School & Learning Center 16 years ago. All of these schools offer individualized instruction and develop personalized plans for each student. Recently, Deborah and her staff have been trained to work with students in cognitive tutoring sessions, which strengthen necessary learning skills, such as memory, auditory and visual processing , attention and sensory processing integration. In her educational career, Deborah has always emphasized the needs of each individual student as her top priority. » read more...
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