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Curriculum & Instruction

SoloQuest Learning Center School works hard to surpass the academic guidelines established by the California Department of Education by providing a challenging and engaging curriculum for our students.

The state of California has instituted standardized tests to ensure compliance with these guidelines and assess whether schools are meeting these goals.

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SoloQuest Learning Center School Curriculum
SoloQuest Learning Center School follows California State and local Sonoma and Marin County guidelines. The school has adopted content standards and Multiple Measures assessments. These assessments allow teachers, students and parents to see where individuals are in reaching and/or exceeding Standards.

The measures will determine whether the student has successfully learned grade level standards. The results of these measures will enable our teachers to teach to your child's individual needs and strengths.

Copies of the State content Standards can be accessed at the California Department of Education website: 

Content Standards for California Public Schools K - 12.

(Language Arts)

Content Standards for California Public Schools K - 12.