Accreditation and Transfer of Credit

SoloQuest School and Learning Center is accredited  by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges ( WASC). The school received the maximum six year accreditation term in 2014.

Courses taken in WASC accredited institutions are recognized by a majority of private and public schools.


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Colleges and Universities accept SoloQuest courses because SoloQuest Learning Center has had an approved "a-g" list with the Office of the President at University of California, Berkeley, for seventeen years. (doorways.­ucop.­edu).

SoloQuest has its college preparatory courses approved by NCAA,

SoloQuest has an approved list of Advanced Placement courses with the College Board.


Transfer of Course Credit for Part-Time Students

California State Education Code, section 51225.3.2b charges each school board of a public school district to actively involve parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, and students in developing alternative means for students to complete the prescribed graduation requirements. 

Districts usually have their version of this in a board policy and administrative regulation 6146.11, which can be accessed on their web sites and a site called GAMUT.  

Check out your district's policy 6146.11 as published on GAMUT.

Please note that Cotati/Rohnert Park School District, Healdsburg School District, Napa Unified School District and Santa Rosa School District do not have a specific board policy 6146.11.

If your school's policy does not accept credits from other accredited schools, SoloQuest will send transcripts to your colleges of choice.

In our 20 years of operations, no college or university has ever had objections to receiving transcripts under separate cover.