SoloQuest Private School private school SoloQuest is a private school for middle school and high school students to learn through individualized and small group instruction.
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Help your student, in grades K-12, gain confidence and achieve more with customized cognitive skills training and academic tutoring.

SoloQuest School & Learning Center offers an open enrollment policy for academic courses in both Sonoma and Marin. This policy enables you to give your child the time and support they deserve immediately.

One-to-one programs at SoloQuest provide the flexibility and personal attention that lead to success. Through skill-building, academic tutoring and customized support, your child can accomplish more.

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At the SoloQuest School, full and part-time courses for 6th through 12th grade students are designed to meet individual needs.

One to One Cognitive Tutoring is available to all students through services in the Learning Center.

Arrange a meeting with our Learning Center Supervisor, Gaeta Stratton, or our Director, Deborah Stewart, to learn more about Cognitive Tutoring.

Our Education Support Program (ESP) provides homework help and gives students a quiet, supervised and structured environment in which to study.

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“Math was always a tough subject for me and the teaching methods at my high school did not fit my learning style.  I came to SoloQuest to improve my math skills and I am pleased to say I did.  I passed math for the first time and understood the concepts that confused me in the past.  I took the summer Algebra 1B class and understood more in the six weeks here, than in the two previous years.  The one-to-one individualized teaching methods helped me discover how I learn best.  SoloQuest provided the flexibility and attention I needed to succeed.  For example, I could email my teacher at anytime and they would respond quickly.  I love getting my education at SoloQuest and would recommend it to others.”